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«GAL-KAT» is an industrial enterprise founded in 2005.

Our main business is manufacturing of copper wire rod for wire drawing, electrical copper wire, welding copper wire, current-carrying copper conductors, enameled wires, copper and alloyed contact wire, electrotechnical aluminum wire, current-carrying aluminum conductors which are supplied to cable plants and enterprises in Ukraine and Europe and are used for manufacturing of cable and wire products.

Products of “GAL-KAT” company are manufactured on the modern equipment of European producers (Continuus-Properzi S.p.A.). Copper wire rod ø 8,0 and 12,7 mm is manufactured by the method of hot rolling on the equipment of CONTINUUS PROPERZI (Italy) and oxygen-free copper wire rod ø 8,0 and 12,5 and 20 mm – by the method of crystallization on the equipment of RAUTOMEAD (Scotland). Copper wires and current-carrying copper conductors are manufactured on the equipment of Niehoff (Germany), SKET (Germany) and DIGEP (Hungary).
Copper winding wires are manufactured on the modern equipment of Austrian company MAG of the raw materials of the best quality – copper wire rod grade A and electrical insulating enamels of the company IVA ESSEX (France).

“Gal-Kat” pays much attention to the quality of its products. For this, the company has implemented a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Product quality control is carried out in a certified central plant laboratory.