Round enameled copper wire grades ПЕТД-180, ПЕТД-200


Copper winding wires are designed for winding of electric motors stators, transformers, electromagnetic relay, coils of oscillating circuits of products with maximum thermal and mechanical loads and also for winding of electric machines and devices

Copper winding wires can be used either for mechanical or manual winding.

The wires are manufactured on the modern equipment of the Austrian manufacturer MAG AG using the insulating materials of the French company IVA ESSEX SAS. Packing of the final products is performed on spools K-125/K-250 according to IEC 60264-2, A-200/A-400 according to IEC 60264-3 (winding up to 200 kg), placed on the wooden pallets and tied up with polypropylene band.

Name Grade Technical specifications and standards Temperature index Insulation type Diameter range, mm Thermoplasticity, °C Heat shock, °C Properties and applications
Round copper  winding wire with enamel insulation on the basis of   polyester or polyetherimide and  external coating on the basis of  polyamide-imid ПЕТД-180; ПЕТД-200 ТУ У 27.3-38456790-006:2017 180


Polyester (polyetherimide) + polyamide-imid 0,224÷2,5 265±5




For winding of electric machines, apparatuses and devices